Hello there, we are Tina and David. We love and live Cosplay!

We have specialized ourselves to something we call 'movie cosplay'. That means realisation of characters from movies and series. We started - initially, each on our own - in the early 2000s. Since 2013 we have worked together and improve our skills constantly.

Interesting and exciting projects have been realized over the years, which will be presented here with the best pictures. You can start a slideshow or click manually through the pictures or just scroll down. How ever, have fun!

You can find more details, Making-ofs and the latest news on...
Facebook: facebook.com/dragonworkshop
Instagram: instagram.com/dragonworkshop_cosplay
tumblr: dragonworkshop.tumblr.com

Do you want to contact us? team@dragonworkshop.de